Miyakojima Travel Vlog 2022 | Best 6 Days Plan 🇯🇵

Narita Tobu Hotel Airport

It’s the closest city hotel to Narita Airport. You can arrive at the airport in the shortest travel time of 3 minutes.

Narita Dream Farm

It’s a sightseeing ranch located in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, which boasts an area of about 300 thousand square meters of farmland (equal to approx. seven Tokyo Domes combined.)

Shimojishima Airport

It’s located on the island of Shimojishima in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture. The airport was originally built as a ‘training airport’ for commercial pilots. It was completed in 1971, a year before Okinawa reverted to Japanese control.

The Irabu Bridge

It connects Miyako Island and Irabu Island, which was put into service in 2015. With a total length of 3,540 meters, it is the longest bridge in Japan for which no tolls are collected.

Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

It’s located along the beautiful Maehama Beach, all rooms have private balconies with sea views. There is an outdoor pool overlooking the crystal clear waters of Miyako Island. You can also enjoy a barbecue while the warm breeze blows.

Shigira Beach

It’s surrounded by a coral reef, so the gentle waves and shallow water make for a beach where you can play safely. Colorful tropical fish swim in some areas, and if you’re lucky you might even encounter a sea turtle.

Miyakojima Marine Park

It’s an establishment where visitors can observe fish swimming in their natural environment from a depth of three to five meters underwater. Beautiful underwater scenery that normally can’t be seen without diving extends out from 24 acrylic panel windows.

Shimajiri Mangrove forest

It’s the largest mangrove in Miyakojima. You can see birds, crabs, mudskippers and much more from the installed walkways.

Sarahama Port

It’s the gateway to Irabu Island, this fishing port is famous for its bonito landings. It has an offshore dike and the waves are calm, making it a popular fishing spot among the islanders.

Nakanoshima Beach

It’s located inside the reef of Nakanoshima Bay in Shimojishima. You can see lots of angelfish, butterflyfish, anemonefish, surgeonfish, dascyllus, and blue devil.

Toriike Pond

It’s the two circular ponds on the west coast of the Shimojishima. A stalactite cave was eroded by the wave and grew bigger and the ceiling collapsed partially and that is how the two ponds were formed.

Shigira Hot Spring

It’s the southernmost and westernmost natural hot spring in Japan, featuring an open-air bath and a large jungle pool.

Amaga of Tomori

It’s a spring found in a natural cave. From the entrance of the cave to the mouth of the spring is approximately 20m and is large for a natural cave with a spring, and the water also flows abundantly.

Imugya Marine Garden

It’s a seaside park built by making the most use of a natural formation in the southern part of Miyako Island.  The well-coordinated location with pond-like inland sea, bridges, and walking paths in lush green is somewhat reminiscent of a Japanese garden, which gives an impressively unique sense of the world.

Nakabari Limestone Cave

It’s the only cave that is open to the public on Miyako Island. This cave is estimated to be almost 300,000 years old.

Sea Sky Hakuai

It’s a semi-submersible underwater sightseeing boat that cannot be experienced in a typical glass boat that looks into the sea bottom. You can enjoy the beautiful world of the sea at a depth of 25 meters.

Aragusuku Beach

It’s a shallow water beach adjacent to Yoshino Beach. You can see vividly colored tropical fish in the shallow water just off the beach.

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