Tanzawa Oyama Travel Vlog in Japan 2018 🇯🇵

Tanzawa-Oyama, just a short ride from Tokyo, is an area known for its natural mountain beauty and especially famous for its hiking trails. The area’s gateway Isehara station is less than an hour away from Shinjuku on Odakyu. In addition to the spectacular views from the mountains, the contrast between the mountain scenery and Lakes Miyagase and Tanzawa and the beauty of the budding plants in spring and the flames of red and yellow leaves in autumn will leave you enchanted.

Not only can your eyes feast in the joys of the four seasons, but also certainly worth a visit are such historical sites as Oyama-dera temple and Oyama-Afuri-jinja shrine. In addition to hiking up the mountain, take a ride on the Oyama cable car for an extra delight. Sumptuous dishes made from local ingredients and the pure waters of Oyama are also very popular. Its tofu is so famous that people even say, “Oyama is tofu, and tofu is Oyama.”

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