Yokohama Wide Park BEST8

No.1 Kanazawa Nature Park・Kanazawa Zoo 577,593 ㎡

Kanazawa Nature Park with a zoo.

It features this huge playground equipment and long slide.

This long slide also has a small slide next to it. You can enjoy it with all your siblings.

You can enjoy the zoo and the park together in a vast space at once.

No.2 Zoorasia Zoo  530,000㎡

The giant zoo “Zurasia”, which Yokohama is proud of, is third.

Zoo? However, this Zurasia is unique in that you can see animals while exploring a vast park-like space.

There are large playground equipment and a large lawn plaza.

However, a vast space like a theme park cannot be completed in a day. This is another spot where you can enjoy yourself as your child grows.

No.3 Kodomo Nature Park(Oike Park) 464,118㎡

Sotetsu Line “Futamatagawa” is the nearest. It is child nature park.

After all, this large playground equipment! !! You can have a unique experience.

A children’s zoo and a plaza are also substantial. It is a spot where you can play all day. The barbecue area is also famous.

No.4 Marine Park  343,450㎡

BBQ and shellfish gathering. Can only be done here! There are many parks.

As its name suggests, it is located by the sea in Kanazawa Ward.

No.5 Kuraki Park 230,762㎡

Kuraki Park is a hidden spot for cherry blossoms, where you can practice bicycles and play equipment.

You can access by bus or car from Kamiooka Station.

No.6 Negishi Forest Park  193,102㎡

Negishi Forest Park, a famous spot for cherry blossoms. Speaking of cherry blossoms, the beauty is overwhelming. Of course, as a park, there is also a wide difference in elevation, and it is a highly recommended park.

There is a farm and play equipment. It’s a wonderful environment with no flaws. The recommended way to play is to run around!

The only difficulty is on the hill. We recommend access by bus or car.

No.7 三溪園  175,000㎡

A Japanese garden that Yokohama boasts. Although it is a paid facility, you can relax and enjoy the old-fashioned buildings and garden scenery with your children.

Next to it, there is “Honmoku Citizens Park”, which is for children from the SL exhibition. It is a fulfilling area with various discoveries.

No.8 本牧山頂公園  168,900㎡

A park with a very wide view.

It is located in the center of the Honmoku area with an atmosphere of relaxation for locals.

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