Kamakura Travel Vlog in Japan 2020 🇯🇵

✅Myoryuji Temple

The Temple sits on the place where Tanesada Chiba used to live and served the Kamakura Shogunate. His ancestors fought for yoritomo menamoto who is the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate against the Taira Clan and greatly helped yoritomo triumph.

✅Hokaiji Temple

This temple belongs to the Tendai school of Buddhism. Hokaiji was constructed in 1335 by the order of Emperor Godaigo.

This site was where the Komachi residence for nine generations to Takatoki Hojo, had been located until this regent family of the Kamakura government fell in 1333.

✅Hokokuji Temple

Secluded in the hills of eastern Kamakura, Hokokuji is a small temple of the Rinzai Sect of Zen Buddhism. Originally founded during the early years of the Muromachi Period, Hokokuji was the family temple of the ruling Ashikaga Clan and was later also adopted as the family temple of the Uesugi Clan.

✅Tsurugaohka Hachimangu 

It was established by Minamoto Yoriyoshi in 1063. He built a power base for the Minamoto warrior clan in the east of Japan after the suppression of a rebellion started by clans in the North East of Japan in 1051. He returned to Kamakura, and built a small shrine for the Hachiman kami, which is the Japanese word for Shinto deities, near the coast to give thanks for success in suppressing the rebellion. The Hachiman kami was regarded as the protector kami of the warrior class.

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