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Branch Yokohama Nanbu Market opened in September 2019, at the location where it used to be Yokohama City Nanbu central wholesale market (Kanazawa ward) until March 2003. With the concept of a “living market for food – a hub for interaction of people and the community through food”, the market houses some 30 tenants, including fish and vegetable specialty stores, “food outlet stores” selling local groceries at reasonable prices, hands-on facilities, an open café and a communal space. The location is hoped to attract people to the Kanazawa area.
In order to rescale the vastness of the old market down to human scale, while retaining the feel of the original Yokohama Nanbu Market, we limited the materials used in the exterior to concrete, wooden pallets, and paint that would also have been used in the old market. By using combinations of wooden pallets for places where people access, such as signage and benches, we aimed to create a uniformed feel of a market. We break-up the long stretch of the place which would otherwise be monotonous by placing three open spaces, the lawn, the event space, and the entrance garden, and connecting them with two streets. Most of the grounds are uniformly concreted, and accentuated with graphics designed by “UMA/design farm”. The planting plan by Yoichiro Ishikawa of “TREEFORTE” is a key element to show the transformation from a market to a commercial facility, especially the entrance garden, which welcomes visitors and creates a place for them to be. The structures designed by “Open A” retains the feel of a market, yet the white coloring reflects the bright and fresh feel of Yokohama. The lighting plan provided by “Lighting Planners Associates” gives a warm glow to the place, which stands out from the rest of the bay area which is mostly lit in harsh industrial lighting.
We believe that the high quality of the integrated space was only achieved by collaboration of experts in landscape, architecture, graphics, planting, and lighting.

Address1-1 Torihamacho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-0002
Opening Hours10:00am-22:00pm
Closest Railway StationSeaSideLine「Nanbu Market Station」

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